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Making South Carolina Stronger

We've invested in South Carolina because it's a great place to do business. We want to continue to build an environment where tire manufacturing can flourish. We share our policy ideas and insights with lawmakers so they can make the best decisions for our businesses, our economy, and our state. 

Three Keys to Industry Success

  • Workforce Development
  • Strong Right to Work Environment
  • Logistics & Infrastructure

Workforce Development

  • Build regional talent pipelines
  • Match job seekers with job openings to address skills gap 
  • Expand apprenticeships 

Strong Right to Work Environment

  • SC has the lowest unionization rate in the nation - 2.1% vs. 11.1% nationally
  • 5 states below 5 percent:
    • SC (2.1%)
    • NC (3.0%)
    • Utah (3.9%)
    • Georgia (4.0%)
    • Texas (4.5%)

Logistics & Infrastructure

Local leaders talking outside government offices.

Discuss the Issues

We're always available to discuss laws, policies, and regulations that impact the tire manufacturing industry. Our experts have a unique understanding of how local policy issues impact both their internal company priorities and our collective industry objectives.

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